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In Focus

Commonomics Label

Video: Can We Create Living-Wage Jobs for Everyone?

We have plenty of low-income jobs, but fewer in the middle where we really need investment. How can we make sure public money is spent for the greater good?

After Death of Radical Mayor, Mississippi's Capital Wrestles With His Economic Vision

Mayor Chokwe Lumumba implemented only the first steps of his plan to address Jackson's extreme income inequality, which most seriously affected black residents. Now the city faces a choice between vastly different approaches to economic development.

Video: Can Co-Ops Curb Poverty In New York City?

Of the many businesses in New York, only 23 are worker co-ops. But those that exist have a strong record of raising wages and reducing poverty, especially in low-income communities like city councilmember Maria del Carmen Arroyo's South Bronx district.

A Parliament of Mayors: Can We End Inequality By Giving Cities More Power?

In our increasingly interdependent world, mayors may be more motivated to collaborate and possibly more capable than our national governments of effectively working across borders.

Africa for Norway

Money and Life: The Bright Side of the Money Crisis

Is this “the most exciting time to be alive in human history”? The economists and scientists interviewed in this film think so, and the reasons are all about the chance to create a more fair and sustainable global economy.

Americans at Work photo courtesy of Global Oneness Project

James Baldwin’s Turkish Decade

Sedat Pakay’s disarming photos of James Baldwin during his time in Turkey show a side of the great writer most of us have never seen.

Tribute to Guy Clark

The Storm is Passing Over ...

... and other inspiration while putting together the Spring 2013 issue of YES!

Bidder 70

Ken Burns’ Dust Bowl

The new documentary will bring you inside one of the worst manmade disasters of all time in powerful detail.

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