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Also by David C. Korten…

From Empire to Earth Community
We can choose a path of patient and compassionate justice that respects life, the rights of the innocent, and the rule of law in a cooperative international effort to bring the guilty to justice, as we simultaneously work to bring justice to the world by creating a world that works for all.
Posted Mar 10, 2003
WTO Is Anti-Democratic, Anti-People, and Anti-Environment
WTO Is Anti-Democratic, Anti-People, and Anti-Environment
Guest editorial on the Seattle WTO Protests, aired on KPLU, Tacoma, WA November 1999
Posted Nov 30, 1999
... After Seattle?
... After Seattle?
The following is part of a series of commentaries by people associated with YES! magazine and Positive Futures Network on the events unfolding in Seattle at the time of the World Trade Organization's meeting.
Posted Nov 30, 1999
The End of Empire and the Step to Earth     Community
The End of Empire and the Step to Earth Community
For this is the moment when we are being called by the deep forces of creation to awaken to a new consciousness of our own possibilities and to embrace the responsibilities to one another and to the planet that go with our collective presence on the living jewel of life called Earth.
Posted Aug 18, 2004
Imperial Politics, Christianity and the True Jesus: Reflections on the 2004 Election
The challenge before us is to displace the politics of Empire with the politics of Earth Community based on inclusion, possibility, and partnership — an authentic values-based, problem-solving politics of mature adulthood consistent with the moral teachings of Jesus.
Posted Dec 13, 2005

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