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Also by Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez…

Filming While Dark
Filming While Dark by Roberto Rodriguez. A Chicano man decides not to let fear rule his life after being questioned by federal authorities for filming while "dark".
Posted May 20, 2004
Obama: No Human Being is Illegal
Obama: No Human Being is Illegal
Sen. Barack Obama's resounding victory is a generational victory. As one friend told me, it is 400 years in the making. In that sense, that explains the tears and the dancing in the streets across the nation and across the suddenly very small world we live in...
Posted Nov 14, 2008
We are Farmers Not Gardeners
We are Farmers Not Gardeners
South Central Los Angeles farmers evicted after years of harvests from a community farm maintain their protest weeks after its last occupants have been removed by sheriff deputies.
Posted Jul 06, 2006
H2Opi Run Celebrates Sacred Water
Hopi Indians, long involved in water battles in the Southwest make an international run from Arizona to Mexico City to celebrate the sacredness of water.
Posted Mar 29, 2006
The Work Ahead: Adopt the Language of Hope
If we want peace, if we don’t want to live with regrets and in despair, then we must adopt not the language of fear, but the language of hope and dreams. To invoke a Puerto Rican expression: pa’lante. Forward.
Posted Mar 16, 2005

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