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Article Troff document“Do You Pay Your Taxes? Bank of America Doesn’t”
The latest from a growing international movement to make corporate tax dodgers pay ... so public services don't have to.
Located in People Power
Article Troff document“This is a Peaceful Protest”
Video: What's it like in the Wisconsin capitol?
Located in People Power
Article“This is Not Democracy” — Wisconsin’s Anti-Union Bill Passes
In a controversial move, Republicans maneuvered the passage of Wisconsin's assault on collective bargaining after three weeks of protests. How'd they do it, and what happens next?
Located in YES! Blogs / Brooke Jarvis
ArticleBigger than Unions, Bigger than Wisconsin
How Americans across professions, religions, and states are uniting in opposition to Wisconsin's anti-union bill—and cultivating a movement that reaches far beyond the state border.
Located in People Power
ArticleDear Glenn Beck: It’s Not Conspiracy, It’s Courage
Glenn Beck thinks the spread of anti-corporate protests is a little too convenient. But this is what happens when ordinary people discover their power.
Located in YES! Blogs / Sarah van Gelder
Article Troff documentFighting America’s Corporate Coup D’Etat
Amy Goodman and Naomi Klein on how Americans across the country are resisting the Shock Doctrine.
Located in People Power
ArticleFor Some Debtors, “Coming Out” Is First Step Toward Resistance
Chris Kasper hadn’t realized how much shame he felt for being in debt until he stood up in public and spoke about it. As much of Occupy’s energy flows into debt resistance, more people are doing the same.
Located in New Economy
ArticleHow Wisconsin Could Turn Austerity into Prosperity: Own a Bank
An answer to state budget woes that doesn't need to involve sacrificing workers' rights.
Located in New Economy
Article Troff documentIt's Our Wall Street: Inside an American Occupation
Photo essay: Inspired by the public protests of Egypt, Tunisia, and Spain, American demonstrators are nearly a week into their "occupation" of Wall Street.
Located in New Economy
ArticleMahlon Mitchell: The Middle Class Needs to Stick Together
Firefighters weren't directly included in the anti-union bill that sparked the protests in Madison. Lieutenant Mahlon Mitchell on why they're taking to the streets, anyway.
Located in New Economy