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YES! has a positive solution-oriented focus. We reframe issues, reflect diverse human-scale stories, and offer tools for people to use and to pass along. Here are our most recent articles and blogs.

Spirituality and Movement Building
by Grace Lee Boggs
Grace Lee Boggs believes it is that time in history again when we need to recognize our own sacredness and that in others.
A Practical Guide to Diffusing the Iran Crisis and Halting Nuclear Proliferation
by Alice Slater
The US has been the biggest block to the world’s ability to stop nuclear proliferation. It's totally naive to think that anything less than the total elimination of nuclear weapons, and their evil twins–nuclear reactors–would actually work. Giving peace a chance by negotiating an end to the nuclear age is the only practical way out of our terrifying dilemma.
¿Qué Pueden Hacer las Congregaciones?
by Richard Lang
Un Extraño en la Puerta
by Anna Maria Pineda
La representación navideña de la búsqueda de refugio por parte de una pareja sin hogar tiene un significado especial para inmigrantes recientes y para los damnificados por Katrina y Rita.
Book Review: Annotations- A guide to the Independent Critical Press
by Doug Pibel
Book Review: Biodiesel Power by Lyle Estill
by Andrew Lovejoy
The passion, the people, and the politics of the next renewable fuel
Book Review: Deepening the American Dream Edited by Mark Nepo
by Doug Pibel
This book is a symposium of leading writers, philosophers, historians and thinkers.
Book Review: Every Day is a Good Day by Wilma Mankiller
by Lilja Otto
Provides insights into the lives and ideas of indigenous women and invites readers to re-examine their own cultural and spiritual backgrounds.
Book Review: Fields That Dream A Journey to the Roots of Our Food by Jenny Kurzweil
by Elle McPherson
Stories of small-scale sustainable farmers
Book Review: Thomas Paine and the Promise of America by Harvey J. Kaye
by Ronnie Dugger
Paine’s biography occupies only two-fifths of Kaye’s text; in the rest the Wisconsin professor hops, skips, and jumps through our history since Paine, citing various posthumous characterizations of him, from Teddy Roosevelt’s “filthy little atheist” to T.V. Smith’s “the harbinger in darkness of our democratic way.” Kaye does establish the important historical fact that Paine has been unfairly and often maliciously excluded from the Founding Fathers, and for consequential reasons.
Picking Up the Pieces
by Miriam Axel-Lute
Housing groups find extra strength to serve communities in Gulf Coast after Katrina.
Reader Response: 50 Ways to Survive and Thrive
Ideas for living better in the future, practical suggestions from our readers.
H2Opi Run Celebrates Sacred Water
by Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez
Hopi Indians, long involved in water battles in the Southwest make an international run from Arizona to Mexico City to celebrate the sacredness of water.
Breakthrough Concept "Responsibility" -- Imagine That! -- Becomes Law in Maine
by Frances Moore Lappe
Thanks to recent legislation, and as of 2006, manufacturers in Maine must pick up the cost of recycling TVs and computer monitors.
Los Profetas Versus el Imperio
by Richard Lang
Por milenios, algunos líderes religiosos han defendido al imperio de turno a cualquier precio. Otros, como los profetas y como Jesús, han tomado una posición a favor de los pobres.