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Mothers Dying After Childbirth Is a Medical Issue—But Cultural, Too
by Erin Sagen
Even as the U.S. rate of infant mortality has decreased, the rate of maternal mortality has increased. Here’s what male-dominated medicine has to do with it.
Let's Talk About Decolonization
Uneasy about discussing colonialism—and its related issues like Standing Rock and Indigenous-led resistance—with your students? Here are some resources to get you started.
White Allies, Let’s Be Honest About Decolonization
by Kyle Powys Whyte
I want to experience the solidarity of allied actions that refuse fantastical narratives of commonality and hope.
The Revolution Is Being Podcasted
by Sammi-Jo Lee
These popular audio shows use compassion, practical tools, and a little millennial humor to encourage listeners to engage.
How This Tribe Got Their Coastal California Lands Returned
by Debra Utacia Krol
The Kashia’s success might be the first time that a tribe in the U.S. has held a private deed—as well as management rights—to their ancestral lands.
Having “The Talk” With My Kids: What I Said to My Sons About Gun Violence
by Katie Quirk
Guns are to little boys what sex is to teens. If I wasn’t teaching my children about it, you could bet some other kid on the school bus was.
How Reminiscing About Baseball Can Help People With Dementia
by Michael Ego
Simply hearing others talk about a sport they love clearly triggers enjoyable memories.
5 Indigenous Women Asserting the Modern Matriarchy
by Chelsey Luger
They’re reclaiming the tradition of female leadership and turning the old, white, male-dominated perspective of history on its head.
Would You Put a Tiny House for a Homeless Person in Your Backyard?
by Bailey Williams
This radio story was produced by KBCS in partnership with YES! Magazine.
An Illustrated Essay: Why I Love the Real Marjory Stoneman Douglas
by Sarah Lazarovic
The spirit and sass of the Parkland school’s namesake live on in the million young anti-violence activists who have risen up since the shooting.
What’s Wrong With Saying Stephen Hawking Is “Finally Free”
by Megan Wildhood
Our disabilities are not our bodies. Our disabilities are a society based on capitalist assumptions that greatness confers meaning in one’s life.
Tax Overhaul and the Immorality of Inequality
by Sarah van Gelder
A society that fails to invest in its children, to protect its land and water, or to build a future is courting collapse.
Can Not Shaving My Legs Be a Revolutionary Act Against the Patriarchy?
by Jamie Beth Cohen
Baby steps, as frustrating as they may be, are sometimes necessary for making important gains on the path to social justice.
The World Is a Miraculous Mess, and It’s Going to Be All Right
by Zenobia Jeffries
In her latest book, author adrienne maree brown envisions a world of abundant justice, abundant attention, and abundant liberation.
Conservatives Agree the New Pro-War Ideologues Are Dangerous
by Sarah van Gelder
Alarm over John Bolton, who has pushed for pre-emptive war in North Korea and bombing Iran, isn’t just among progressives.