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YES! has a positive solution-oriented focus. We reframe issues, reflect diverse human-scale stories, and offer tools for people to use and to pass along. Here are our most recent articles and blogs.

“I Am Hawaiian First”
by Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu
Aloha allows us to always have a commonality, regardless of our politics or gender expression.
Native Language Schools Are Taking Back Education
by Abaki Beck
More than a century ago, the last fluent speakers of Wôpanâak passed away. Now this school is working to revive the language.
30,000 Copies and Counting: This Newspaper Helps Inmates Prepare for Life on the Outside
by Shaima Shamdeen
A former inmate’s resource guide is now helping others released from jail find their way back into society.
Let’s Talk About Mass Incarceration
Uneasy about discussing mass incarceration—and its related issues like race, poverty, and punishment—with your students? Here are some resources to get you started.
What You Learn from a Life Surrounded By Troublemaking, Kickass Women
by Lornet Turnbull
Why Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards believes that now, more than ever, women are the most important political force in America.
Why Are We So Sleep Deprived, And Why Does It Matter?
by Michael S. Jaffee
Not many things matter more to our health than a good night’s sleep, but fewer and fewer of Americans are getting one.
8 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who Has Just Given Birth
by A. Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez
Why you shouldn’t ask about sleep, weight loss, or breastfeeding. But especially sleep.
7 Surprising Tax Facts You Should Know
by Lindsay Koshgarian
Here’s where your tax dollars go (and who isn't paying taxes at all).
This App Can Tell You the Indigenous History of the Land You Live On
by Chelsey Luger
Enter your ZIP code into the Native Lands App and an interactive map will tell you the area’s original language and tribal ties.
Why Black Stories Matter: They Build Empathy and Heal Trauma
by Isabelle Morrison
In New York state, a writing and performance program helps people of color share their stories as a pathway to empathy and healing.
Here We Go Again: Why the Trans-Pacific Partnership Won’t Fix Anything
by David Korten
Current trade agreements are great at creating more billionaires, not so much at protecting the interests of workers.
How Indigenous Knowledge Is Transforming the March for Science
by Terri Hansen
“Indigenous peoples were always scientists. Their lives depended on it."
Why This Montana Farmer Grows Food Year-Round in Shipping Containers
by Bailey Williams
This radio story was produced by KBCS in partnership with YES! Magazine.
How Compassion Lowers Health Risks for Pregnant Women With Trauma
by Sheri Madigan, Nicole Racine, Suzanne Tough
Mothers who experience toxic stress in childhood are more likely to have gestational diabetes and hypertension. But they can benefit from the right supports.
To Decolonize Our Minds, Start With Words
by Steven Newcomb
Where is the clear image of a decolonized society we are to emulate? There isn’t one. Yet if we are to free ourselves, we need practical steps.