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Revisa tus Derechos en la Frontera
by Justin Akers Chacon
La globalización económica está empujando a los trabajadores hacia el norte. Y cada vez más, sus derechos se quedan atrás en la frontera.
La Declaración Universal
En 1948, el mundo se puso de acuerdo sobre los derechos que pertenecen a todos. Esta Carta Magna para la humanidad fija un estándar elevado que pocos gobiernos alcanzan.
Sí. Estamos Listos
by Larry Cox, Dorothy Thomas
Los derechos humanos representan una poderosa herramienta para romper con las barreras, unir a la gente en una causa común, y mostrarnos el camino a la justicia, dentro y fuera de nuestras fronteras. Activistas de todo el país están definiendo un nuevo patriotismo.
Una Gran Nación, A Veces
by Eric Foner
Los EE.UU. tiene una orgullosa historia de apoyo a los derechos humanos–y a veces, de grandes olvidos. Un historiador propone que intentemos la humildad y el respeto.
Podemos Cambiar el Rumbo
by Doug Pibel
EE.UU. lideraba en el area de derecho humanos. Ahora, cuando está iendo en la dirección equivocada, depende del pueblo de cambiar el rumbo
Rabbit Ears Cartoon
"The reception is far better than my TV set's, and I can now hop around the office without drawing attention." Caption submitted by Donna Gilliland.
Hospital Flag Cartoon
"Well, yes, we were going to do a heart transplant, but we just couldn't find yours." Caption submitted by Richard Brooks.
Wedding Telephone Cartoon
"My father wanted me to bring this along for the part where the priest says 'speak now or forever hold your peace.'" Caption submitted by Maggie E. Pettit.
Dancing Penguins Cartoon
"It's a liberal myth, Mildred. You're making a fool of both of us." Caption submitted by Ann Onimus.
Is the U.S. Ready for Human Rights? :: Discussion Guide
by Catherine Bailey, Sarah Kuck
Think about the rights we have as human beings. How did they come to be agreed upon? How does the U.S. measure up in meeting those rights?
A User's Guide to Taking a Stand: Resource Guide
These resources offer ways you can get involved with “Human Rights”. Consider your rights. Understand them. Appreciate their meaning. Then help others learn to do the same.
101 Solutions to Global Climate Change :: Guy Dauncey interviewed by Peak Moment TV
Janaia Donaldson interviews author Guy Dauncey whose lively, optimistic solutions for Peak Oil and climate crisis are do-able here and now. Conservation, efficiency, proven technologies, and emerging innovations will take us through this critical planetary energy transition.
Learning from Cuba's Response to Peak Oil :: Megan Quinn interviewed by Peak Moment TV
Janaia Donaldson interviews Megan Quinn of Community Solution to discuss her visit to Cuba, and the movie "The Power of Community." This young woman sees Peak Oil as an opportunity to create the communities we want, and to reduce our level of consumption.
BALLE :: Don Shaffer interviewed by Peak Moment TV
Janaia Donaldson interviews Executive Director Don Shaffer on BALLE's vision of local living economies. He describes how ensuring that economic power resides locally, where it can enhance community life and natural systems, is a counter to economic globalization.
A Defining Moment in History :: David Korten interviewed by Peak Moment TV
by David Korten
Janaia Donaldson interviews David Korten, author of 'When Corporations Rule the World', who implores us to replace dominator-control stories with new stories-affirming life values of cooperation, community and interdependence.