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Democracia en Ascenso
by Nadia Martinez
A través de la disconformidad electoral, las cooperativas de trabajadores, el cuidado gratuito de la salud, las calles cortadas y las fábricas ocupadas, los pueblos de América están recreando su mundo.
Cuba Health Care article :: PDF format
by Sarah van Gelder
PDF versions in English and Spanish of Sarah van Gelder's Cuban Health Care article.
No Comment
Cheat neutral: Offsetting cheating in couples. A satirical response to the growing carbon offset industry.
Readers' Forum
Readers' letters from the Summer 2007 issue of Yes! Magazine: 'Latin America Leaps Ahead.' Topics include Human Rights for Women, The Right to Marry, Terminating Global Warming and Global Support for Going Local.
Yes! Picks
by Catherine Bailey, Sarah Kuck
Yes! reveals their musical inspiration while putting together this issue as well as favorite independent films.
YES! But How? :: Rid Yourself of Roaches
by Sarah Kuck, Catherine Bailey
Tips on how to get rid of roaches, conserve energy, be a polite vegan and turn off slugs. Practical suggestions to help our readers live more sustainably.
In Review
Reviews of The Oil Depletion Protocol: A Plan to Avert Oil Wars, Terrorism and Economic Collapse; Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future; and the documentary film Juvies.
Commentary: Our Conservative Allies
by Jonathan Rowe
Jonathan Rowe debunks the myth that the Bush Administration is "conservative."
Masthead for YES! Magazine :: Issue 42 :: Summer 2007
From the Publisher :: Step Up to More Than Climate Change
by Fran Korten
YES! Magazine publisher Fran Korten on the great shift in public opinion on global warming.
Latin America Rising::Discussion Guide
by Catherine Bailey, Zach Kyle
Conversation starters and article summaries for Democracy: Latin America Leaps Ahead.
UK Camp for Climate Action
by Nick Buxton, Juliette Beck
In it's third year, Climate Camp is a model of participatory, collective organization and sustainable, low-carbon alternatives. Take a peek.
An Invitation from the South
by Sarah van Gelder
YES! Magazine executive editor Sarah van Gelder introduces the Summer 2007 issue, 'Democracy: Latin America Leaps Ahead.'
People We Love
YES! Magazine honors distinguished activists and citizens as "People We Love." Sheila Watts-Cloutier, Zimryah Barnes, Dr. Casey KirkHart, Raffi Cavoukian.
En Venezuela, una atmósfera cooperativa
by Michael Fox
Venezuela pone a la gente pobre a cargo de sus medios de vida, y convierte a las personas sin empleo en dueñas y dueños cooperativos.