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YES! has a positive solution-oriented focus. We reframe issues, reflect diverse human-scale stories, and offer tools for people to use and to pass along. Here are our most recent articles and blogs.

Young, Wealthy, Committed
by Jacqueline Pratt
What happens when young activists inherit a fortune? Some of them have come together to find ways to use their wealth to bring about a world in which wealth is shared. Making Money Make Change
Women, Citizenship, and the End of Poverty
by Hilkka Pietila
Nordic welfare society, Finland, Martha Organization,
The Page That Counts :: Winter 2003
Increase in memory retention of gum-chewers over non-chewers during testing, and more...
Deliberation Day
by Carolyn McConnell
voting is the bottom line to democracy, deliberative poll , neighborhood meetings, James Fishkin and Bruse Ackerman propose "Deliberation Day.
The Talking Circle
by Manitonquat
talking circles in prisons, breaking the cycle of violence, ending violent crime
Porto Alegre's Budget Of, By, And For the People
by David Lewit
The people of Porto alegre, Brazil, get to decide how to spend their city's budget, and the benefits are evident in neighborhoods rich and poor.
Belgium Leads Push for US Regime Change
by Phil Lebovits
Political Satire by Phil Lebovits
Voices from the Valley
by Jonathan Lawson
KDNA Radio Cadena: radio for the Latino community
Keep Moving On
by Fran Korten
We're big enough to hold the terrible and the possible in our hearts at the same time.
Instead of Empire
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder
Phylis Bennis, Harlan Cleveland, Frank T. Griswold, Michael Lerner, and Marc Luyckx :: A roundtable exploration of what might happen if the U.S. chose a path that is neither the Clinton-promoted future of corporate globalization, nor the Bush Doctrine of endless war.
The Miner's Canary
by Lani Guinier, Gerald Torres
The Miner's Canary by Lani Guinier and Gerald Torres, power-over, power-with, race, rules to the game
Erosion of Liberty Since September 11
by Ann Benson
Erosion of Liberty Since September 11, DOJ allows detenton without charges, US Patriot Act
Discussion Guide for What Would Democracy Look Like?
by Carolyn McConnell
Questions such as: What ways do you stay hopeful in dark times? What keeps you acting on what you believe when success seems distant or unlikely? What can (or do) you do to help friends and co-workers keep their spirits up?
Broadband Democracy
by Jeff Chester, Gary O. Larson
center for Digital Democracy, open access to the internet, electronic commons
Play Your Own Tune
by Ricardo "Kool Aid" Chavez
hip-hop/rap for the good