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YES! has a positive solution-oriented focus. We reframe issues, reflect diverse human-scale stories, and offer tools for people to use and to pass along. Here are our most recent articles and blogs.

Health Care: It's What Ails Us
by Doug Pibel, Sarah van Gelder
Americans spend the most, get the least, and have no health care security. The solution is not that difficult.
Crisis Is Opportunity
by Rob Cornell
Math Teacher Rob Cornell Tells Corvallis High School Graduates to Keep on Thinking
We are Farmers Not Gardeners
by Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez
South Central Los Angeles farmers evicted after years of harvests from a community farm maintain their protest weeks after its last occupants have been removed by sheriff deputies.
Notes from Underground
Reviews of Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Save the World, Global Class War, Healthy Money, Healthy Planet, Home Enlightenment and Independent America.
An Interpretation of Life
by Frances Moore Lappe
Frances Moore Lappe visits North-Central Italy to learn how cooperatives have succeeded in driving the local economy
Men, War, and Families
by Robert F. Johnson, Gordon Mustain
Two poems by veterans who recall the effect of military combat on their own lives.
Bolivian Coca Workers Cheer "Social and Cultural Revolution"
by Juliette Beck
Hugo Chavez and Cuban vice president help Morales stir troops for upcoming Constituent Assembly election.
A Tree Sitting -- In South Central LA?
by Van Jones
Protesters climb trees in South Central Los Angeles in an attempt to block the construction of a warehouse at the site of an urban farm that serves hundreds of area residents.
Time to Get Smart About Energy
by Fran Korten
The debate regarding global warming and peak oil is moving into a different direction, from "is it happening" to "what do we do now?"
Village Women Become their Own Bankers
by Frances Moore Lappe
The poorest women in the world are coming together in groups of 15 to 25, saving regularly, and teaching each other how to read, write, and keep simple accounts. They’re forming their own village banks, calculating interest, and making small loans to each other to start or expand small businesses.
The Page That Counts
by Elle McPherson
Number of karate club members hired at a New Zealand rally to protect 140 vintage cars against pecking by native parrots attracted to shiny objects:
Signs of Life
Swedish plans call for renewables—including biofuels, wind, and wave power—to replace fossil fuels; A United Nations panel has upheld the global moratorium on “terminator” plants; Volunteers from 49 states and as far away as Australia came in response to a call by Common Ground Relief in New Orleans.
Encontrando Nuestro Lugar: Una Comprensión Nueva (y Antigua) de Quiénes Somos
by Frances F. Korten
¿Qué hay detrás de las tendencias? Una transformación tan grande como la Revolución Copernicana.
Justicia Global: Otro Estados Unidos es Posible
by Tanya Dawkins
Activistas estadounidenses de base están organizando un Foro Social en Estados Unidos, que podría convertirse en el encuentro de progresistas más grande y significativo en décadas. Y tú estás invitado.
El Reclamo de la Democracia
by Doug Pibel
El sistema democrático de Estados Unidos está golpeado y sangrando, pero el activismo pro-democracia está comenzando a rendir sus frutos.