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YES! has a positive solution-oriented focus. We reframe issues, reflect diverse human-scale stories, and offer tools for people to use and to pass along. Here are our most recent articles and blogs.

"Justice For All" University Winner Elizabeth Schmidt
Elizabeth Schmidt is a student at Kent State in Ohio. She read and responded to the online YES! Magazine article "I Can't Breathe Until Everyone Can Breathe," by Gerald Mitchell. Read Elizabeth's essay, "Compassionate Communities: Where Mindfulness Starts, Injustice Ends," about the importance of regaining the depth in our feelings so that we may live with awareness and connect with the rest of the world.
"Justice For All" Middle School/High School Winner Amani Lazarus
by Amani Lazarus
Amani Lazarus is a middle school student at Palmetto Scholars Academy in North Charleston, South Carolina. She read and responded to the online YES! Magazine article "I Can't Breathe Until Everyone Can Breathe," by Gerald Mitchell. Read Amani's essay, "A Deafening Silence," about how we can't stand quietly while others scream in pain, that we must speak for those who have been silenced by social injustice.
"Justice For All" Middle School Winner Cate Landry
by Cate Landry
Cate Landry is a student at Horizons K-8 School in Boulder, Colorado. She read and responded to the onlineYES! Magazine article, "I Can't Breathe Until Everyone Can Breathe," by Gerald Mitchell. Read Cate's essay, "Stay Tuned to Change the World" about how being aware of what's in the news is the first step in the path to justice.
Latinos Live Longest Despite Poverty. Here’s Their Secret
by Jasmine Aguilera
U.S. Hispanics who pass down a tradition of food, family, and healing are healthier. But can they sustain that as generations become more assimilated?
Maintaining Real Relationships in the Digital World
by Miles Schneiderman
Social media has become a fundamental part of my life. As an American in 2015, I am the rule, not the exception. So what does healthy use of these sites look like?
Will a Climate War Pit Police Against Communities of Color?
by Lyanne Alfaro
This organizer thinks so. She’s in Paris demanding a solution before the chaos starts.
When the Rainforest Burned: #MyClimateMoment’s Top 10 Wake-Up Calls
by Araz Hachadourian
We asked readers to share the moment climate change became urgent for them. Here’s what they said.
Winter 2016 Student Writing Competition: Every Girl's Right
Want a motivator to take your students' writing to a higher level? Here's an opportunity to write for a real audience, and the chance to get published by an award-winning magazine.
Inside COP21: You Have to See These Behind-the-Scenes Photos
by Tony Manno
Fifteen reasons we love the Paris climate talks photo stream.
Video: What We Talk About When We Talk About Privilege
by Tony Manno
In this YES! Short, volunteers discuss what it means to confront the privilege of others—as well as their own.
COP21: How to Ramp Down Fossil Fuels Fast—Without Leaving People Behind
by Kate Aronoff
In just a few months at the beginning of WWII, the U.S. auto industry converted to a war machine. We need that kind of rapid, driven transition to get away from fossil fuels. Here's the just way to do it.
#MyClimateMoment: When Was the Instant Climate Change Became Deep, Urgent, and Personal For You?
by Liz Pleasant
Lots of us have had a moment—a revelation, observation, or interaction—when climate change became more than a concept. What’s yours?
COP21: Climate Change Hurts Kids Worst
by Jim Shultz
“There may be no greater, growing threat facing the world’s children—and their children—than climate change.”
COP21: What Paris Can Learn From a Mississippi Co-op
by Marcus Harrison Green
Cooperation Jackson heads to the Paris climate talks to show what a just transition to a green economy looks like.
Why Manning Up Is the Worst Thing to Do
by Mark Greene
Can we cure the toxicity of male trauma and the resulting illnesses it creates?