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For Native Mothers, a Way to Give Birth That Overcomes Trauma
by Sarah van Gelder
A birthing center opening next year in New Mexico will provide a safe place for women to heal through their traditions.
Trump’s Budget Is Full of Contempt—and Numbers That Don’t Add Up
by Mark Trahant
Trillions of imaginary dollars run throughout the budget. Never mind “fake news.” This is fake government.
Why Bernie Sanders Is Pushing for More Worker-Owners
by Jessica Bonanno
In times when Washington is unlikely to agree on much, employee ownership offers a bipartisan approach toward building a stronger and more just economy.
When Crossing the U.S.-Mexico Border Was Not a Crime
by Kelly Lytle Hernandez
For most of American history, immigrants could enter the U.S. without official permission. So what changed?
School District Switches to Local and Organic Meals, Cuts Carbon Footprint—and Saves Money
by Melissa Hellmann
A new report revealed surprising results when Oakland overhauled its lunch menu at 100-plus schools by serving less meat and more fruits and vegetables.
Why 22 House Republicans Would Rush to Impeach Trump Before Midterms
by Robert Reich
If Republicans think Trump has become a liability even in red states, they may decide their chances for re-election are better if they abandon him before 2018 elections.
Don’t Let Trump Drama Distract You While Congress Dismantles Medicaid
by Mark Trahant
I’m obsessed with what this Congress is doing to the funding for health care, especially Medicaid, which insures 62.3 million Americans.
The Paper Company Threatening Ancient Boreal Forests—And Activists and Journalists
by Colin Beavan
Resolute Forest Products provides the paper for the nation’s biggest newspapers and publishers. So it’s up to independent media to speak out.
Trump Impeachment on Your Mind? 5 Things to Know
by Jacob Neiheisel
The articles of impeachment against Trump might look remarkably similar to those levied against Nixon and Clinton.
We All Know Biking Makes Us Healthier. But It’s Even Better Than We Thought
by Jason Gill, Carlos Celis-Morales
Think you’re too busy to exercise? Here’s why you should consider cycling to work.
Spring 2017 National Student Writing Competition: Gender Pronouns
Want a motivator to take your students' writing to a higher level? Here's an opportunity to write about something meaningful and for a bigger audience beyond the classroom.
Spring 2017: "Gender Pronouns" Middle School Winner Alex Gerber
Read Alex's essay, "A New Design for Language," about the social and grammatical limits of gender-neutral pronouns—and how to get beyond them. Alex responded to the YES! article, "'They' and the Emotional Weight," by Cole, founder of the Brown Boi Project.
Spring 2017: "Gender Pronouns" High School Winner Ella Martinez
Read Ella's essay, "Language is a Many-Gendered Thing," about the challenges of using gender-neutral pronouns in a Puerto Rican American family. Ella responded to the YES! article, "'They' and the Emotional Weight," by Cole, founder of the Brown Boi Project.
Spring 2017: "Gender Pronouns" University Winner Avery Hunt
Read Avery's essay, "Existing Openly Is Half the Battle," about being the token nonbinary person at college while still learning about their own gender. Avery responded to the YES! article, "'They' and the Emotional Weight," by Cole, founder of the Brown Boi Project.
Spring 2017: "Gender Pronouns" Powerful Voice Winner Toby Greybear
Read Toby's essay, "The Thoughts and Struggle of a Two Spirit," about embracing a new gender identity—and rediscovering a tradition. This essay was in response to the YES! artricle, "'They' and The Emotional Weight of Words," by Cole of the Brown Boi Project.