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The Folk Rock On: Utah Phillips

What did a young rock star like Ani DiFranco see in folk music’s old codger? The answer has young fans singing about Wobblies, strikes, and Mother Jones

At the Mercy of Strangers

In a culture that values independence above all, many are terrified of growing dependent on the care of others. What could bring dignity and even meaning to the frailty we may face at the ends of our lives?

Can Elders Save the World

The work of elders may never have been so important as it is today, when the continuation of life on Earth is at stake and wisdom is in short supply

7 Ways to Keep Your Marbles

The general wisdom was, until recently, “If you want to live a long, healthy life, choose your grandparents wisely.” While of course one can’t, just 30 percent of physical aging is genetically predetermined, according to an eight-year study of 1,000 well-functioning seniors, by MacArthur “genius” grant recipients John Rowe and Robert Kahn.