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Rehearsing with Gods

Since the 1960s, Bread & Puppet Theater has come to life in urban street protests and remote farmlands, awakening in audiences a sense of wonder, solidarity, and a recollection of life’s essentials.

Pranksters Sink the WTO

They started out as small-time pranksters. But when their fake WTO website began drawing invitations from around the world to speak on behalf of the World Trade Organization, they rose to the challenge.

Insisting on Peace in Colombia

You wouldn’t know it from U.S. newspapers, but a peace movement is building in Colombia. Indigenous peoples, peasant communities, and young draft resisters are saying no to war.

Finding a Way Home

Thousands of American men and women sent to fight in Iraq saw all the horrors of a brutal guerrilla war. Now they’re beginning to return home. How have they been changed by what they experienced?