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The Hour Before the Dawn

Hope, says author David W. Orr, is not the same as wishful thinking. Hope recognizes hard realities, like the difficulty of inventing a new energy future, but chooses to act anyway. Here are 10 reasons to be hopeful

Can Hydrogen Save Us?

Hydrogen is the universe’s most abundant element, and a car running on it emits only water. Many think hydrogen is the answer to our energy crisis. Some have doubts ...

Cool Technologies

Some of the most effective ways to cut our dependence on oil are startlingly simple. Here are 10 of our favorites

Getting There on Less

Americans are addicted to the joys of the open road. But the joys come at too high a price and we’re about to hit bottom. We can get around without oil. Here’s the 12-step program to do it.

The End of Ancient Sunlight

Would you send your child to war to fight over the last barrels of oil? Would you go yourself? Or pay taxes to support such a war? What will you do when oil is no longer “cheap” and abundant? What will you do if climate change becomes climate chaos? We have no choice about the end of the petroleum age. But we can choose how gracefully we make the transition.

Educating for Eco-Justice in an Era of Ecological Uncertainty

The following paper was written by Chet A. Bowers, Adjunct Professor of Environmental Studies, at the University of Oregon. Professor Bowers’ most recent books include The Culture of Denial (1997); Let Them Eat Data (2000); and Educating for Eco-Justice and Community (2001); and Detras de la Apariencia: Hacia la Descolonizacion de la Educacion (2002).

Renewing the American Experiment

Something must happen so as to touch the hearts and souls of men that they will come together, not because the law says it, but because it is natural and right. — Martin Luther King, Stride Toward Freedom, 1958

Your Stories of the Good Life

What does the good life mean to you? These readers tell us it means sharing food, helping neighbors, raising a child, honoring other gods, and being present with someone who is dying

Street-corner Revolution

With winged trucks, paint, and corner kiosks, Portlanders are transforming their neighborhoods. Now, even city officials are applauding

Mother of Exiles

Since September 11, immigration has resurfaced as a political lightning rod. YES! contributing editor Pramila Jayapal reflects on what is at stake for all of us in the debate over immigration.