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Turning Scarcity Into Abundance

Water has grown scarcer in India, as Green Revolution water-guzzling agriculture replaces traditional practices attuned to local water conditions and local needs. Now indigenous water conservation know-how is bringing back sufficiency—and even abundance

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The Big Promise of the Small

Water projects have been some of the largest engineering feats of humankind. But these projects came at a price many now think was too high. Where do we turn for water solutions?

The Lake And the 'hood

A struggle to save a desert lake could have pitted bird lovers against city water consumers. Instead, a remarkable alliance was born between environmentalists, community activists, and East Los Angeles youth

Amal's Birthday

Since the mid-1990s, Kathy Kelly has been a frequent visitor to Iraq, visiting hospitals, making friends with ordinary Iraqis, and defying UN sanctions by bringing in medical supplies.