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Health Hunger And Hunting

When Jim Minick learned of the human and environmental costs of eating meat, he became a vegetarian. But he had a tough choice to make when he saw what was becoming of his blueberries

Restoring Nature, Restoring Yourself

Given months to live and told to find a hobby, a disabled Vietnam veteran turned to restoring the polluted creek behind his house. The effort saved his life.

Surviving the Great Dying

As the Earth's sixth spasm of extinctions continues, human health has not been spared.

Kids And Chemicals

What do our choices about toxins mean for our children?

Keeping the Balance

At the tip of South America, the Mapuche are re-discovering their power to heal themselves and the Earth as they struggle with the effects of oil exploitation, repression, and illness

The Whispering Is Over

At first women were too embarrassed to talk about breast cancer. Then they started demanding research into treatment. Today, women are mobilizing, insisting that the causes of this epidemic be addressed

This Is What Justice Looks Like

For most of history, the law wasn't strong enough to bring to justice those who killed, raped, or tortured thousands. By 1999, people were ready to change that. But first they would have to overcome the opposition of the world's sole superpower

Eco-clean Homes

Mayda Iglesias used to think that rashes, nausea, and asthma were just the normal hazards of house cleaning. Then she co-founded a cooperative that does eco-friendly cleaning.