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Young, Wealthy, Committed

The conference center is nestled in the woods of rural Connecticut. This weekend the guests are mostly in their 20s. They are typical of their age in many ways—except for the hundreds of millions of dollars collectively held in their names.

Women, Citizenship, and the End of Poverty

One day in the early 1990s a friend of mine—a long-term servant of the United Nations—bluntly remarked, “It is better, Hilkka, that you keep quiet about the Nordic welfare society. It is such a luxury of the rich, the poor countries cannot even dream about it.”

Deliberation Day

Democracy isn’t just about voting once every few years. It’s about deepening our collective understanding and finding better solutions by drawing on everyone’s wisdom.

The Talking Circle

How can we re-learn respect, understand the gifts of creation, and break the cycle of violence? In prisons, a Native American democratic tradition brings healing and new possibilities.

Porto Alegre's Budget Of, By, And For the People

How would you like to distribute 200 million dollars to your fellow citizens? That’s the amount of money the city of Porto Alegre spends in an average year for construction and services—money not committed to fixed expenses like debt service and pensions.

Belgium Leads Push for US Regime Change

Spurred by reports of an aggressive military buildup and failure to rein in corporate terrorists, Belgium is pressing for a preemptive strike against the regime of George W. Bush.

Keep Moving On

Citizens keep hope alive in dark times

Instead of Empire

What if the American people chose a different path? What if we chose not to assume the mantle of empire?

The Miner's Canary

What if we could find a new kind of power, one that changes the rules, gives us new stories, and allows everyone to win?