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The Creative Commons

Copyright laws protect your right to exclusive ownership of your art, music, or writing. But what if you want to share your creative work freely, without worry that it will be exploited?

The Boy Who Kissed the Soldier

A woman travels to the Occupied Territories to offer support and discovers the limits of endurance and trust amidst relentless destruction

Building a New Force

What might happen if the world had a standing nonviolent army of thousands? Could we transform our response to conflict?

Money's Conversations

Printing your own currency and challenging the suicide economy

Of Land And Hope

Getting land for a quarter million of Brazil's poorest people was the first task of the Landless Workers Movement. Now comes the question of building a new life

It Shall Be a Jubilee Unto You

Every complex society has a dilemma to solve—wealth and power tend to concentrate until the divide between haves and have-nots threaten the social fabric. Some Native American cultures have massive give-aways (potlatches) in which the giver is honored and all benefit from the largesse. The prophets of the Old Testament also cried out for redistribution