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Through My Enemy's Eyes

Sometimes the people with the most to teach us about love are not behind pulpits. They're behind bars. In prison, one man learns that love is possible in the worst of places, and that even when there is no way out, there is a way up.

The Failure of War

Why do we always think we can put an end to killing by waging war?

Letter from the editor

As our understanding of technology matures, we come to realize we have both the right and the obligation to act as citizens, to make conscious choices about research, development, and dissemination of technologies throughout our world.

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Reclaiming Choice

Some new technologies take on a life of their own, changing society in ways unanticipated, sometimes unwanted. But we can make choices

Hey, Listen Up!

Digital technologies can link us across the globe, but for kids in South Central Los Angeles, the trip across the digital divide led to something deeper--an appreciation of their own place in the universe and the possibilities for their own neighborhood

Unplug Your Brain

With all the talk about computers, it's easy to forget that most Americans still spend much of their time soaking up corporate messages in front of the tube