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The White Dog's Tale

What's the recipe for success in the restaurant business? Ask Judy Wicks - She rewrote it. At the White Dog Cafe she creates community and livable-wage jobs, involves customers in field trips for social change, and takes home good money.

Voters Bill of Rights

The chaos of Election 2000 created a nationwide demand for election reform. In response, a coalition of 50 political, environmental, and social justice groups calling themselves the Pro-Democracy Campaign hammered out a Voters’ Bill of Rights petition, which has been signed by 89 organizations — such diverse groups as the Greens/GPUSA, the National Lawyers Guild, Rainforest Action Network, and the Center for Constitutional Rights. For the full text of the petition, see

Danny Glover: An Interview by Sarah van Gelder

Danny Glover is a life-long activist. His involvement ranges from raising awareness about the AIDS crisis in Africa, to literacy, to the well being of African Americans and impoverished communities in the US. Danny is also a UNDP Goodwill Ambassador.

Real Vacations For All

Why do affluent, super-productive Americans get two weeks or less of vacation while Europeans get four to six weeks?

Now I Become Myself

How do you find the right work, the work that you alone are called to do? The first step is to ask a different question...

Doing Right By the Planet

Our leaders' failure at global climate talks late last year puts the issue right back in our hands.