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Freedom's Sacred Dance

Two elders of the southern Freedom Movement share stories of "veterans of hope" who found courage in their spirituality and commitment to justice and democracy.

Garden of Simplicity

Simplicity is the new mantra for the overworked, over-stressed, and over-cluttered, and for those who want to lighten their impact on the Earth. The author of the classic book on voluntary simplicity says the ways to simplicity are many ...

The Great Community of the Earth

At a special event held during the UN Summit for Religious and Spiritual Leaders in August, Thomas Berry told these stories of our common dreams for the Earth

The New Solidarity

Steelworkers and forest activists forge a new kind of alliance: one that values forests and jobs.

Earth Charter

Citizens worldwide are drafting and signing a declaration of responsibility and interdependency.

Navajo Justice

This year, the Navajo Nation quit jailing people for dozens of offenses that used to land people behind bars. Now tribal courts are turning to peacemakers