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How Ralph Nader Won

The excitement generated by Ralph Nader's presidential bid is worrying those who hope to see Al Gore elected, encouraging those who want to build a strong third (or second!) party, and inspiring those who think he just might win.

Cry Out: Women Behind Bars

Women inmates describe prison life and the impact of a support group that provides an emotional and creative outlet.

Prisons That Work

There's more than one way to run a prison. Here are just a few of the possibilities

The Prison Industry Goes Global

Corporations are rushing to get in on the exploding growth of the prison-industrial complex. Will the WTO require nations to accept corporate prisons?

American Gulag

Why does the "home of the free" lock up 2 million men, women, boys, and girls-most of them people of color?

Genesee Peacemakers

Are all crime victims after revenge? Genesee County criminal justice officials are finding that victims are after something else-something that our criminal justice system rarely offers.