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Karen Badzik, Customer Service Coordinator

Karen joined YES! in 2016.  A native Mid-westerner, Karen lived in quite a few places before relocating to beautiful Bainbridge Island which reminds her very much of New Zealand where she spent nearly a decade. While enjoying life in the Land of the Long White cloud she earned a degree in Classics from Victoria University and marveled at sensibility of universal healthcare and affordable education. She remains ever hopeful America will follow suit! Back home in the US, Karen received certificates in Museum Studies and Interior Design and was the director for an international tour operator based in Newport Beach, California.  In her spare time, Karen enjoys home renovation, interior design, traveling, cooking, gardening, volunteering, and spending time with her family. She’s thrilled to be working for an organization whose values and vision she so strongly supports.

Enkhbayar Munkh-Erdene, Designer

Enkhbayar is a multidisciplinary designer who enjoys creating meaningful experiences through design and strives to use her skills to inspire positive change in her community. She graduated from Western Washington University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in design and a minor in user experience. Enkhbayar was born in Mongolia, raised in Missouri, and has lived in beautiful, rainy Washington for over a decade. She is a big fan of crime novelist Tana French and enjoys binge-watching Netflix. She is the youngest of three sisters, and her parents often confuse them for each other. Feel free to call her Enk.

Jing Fong, Education Outreach Manager

Jing Fong

In May 2008, Jing joined YES! as its education outreach manager. She was drawn to the publication because of its mission to inform, inspire and empower people to work for positive change. Prior to joining YES! Jing was a senior public affairs consultant for a Northwest public relations firm and an education policy analyst with the Washington State Senate Democratic Caucus. She has freelanced as an editor, copywriter and consultant, and has done community and media outreach for various organizations and companies. Jing cherishes the three times she’s lived in the U.K. through her husband’s Fulbright Teacher Exchanges. Outside of work, Jing enjoys her two book groups, sweating at the gym, and traveling to nearby and faraway places with her family. Jing lives on Bainbridge Island with her husband Barry and her children, Isabelle and Keats. She has a BA in Political Science and a BA in Speech Communications from the University of Washington.

Christine Hanna, Executive Director

Christine HannaChristine comes to YES! with an extensive career in non-profit management, marketing, and strategic development, and a deep commitment to advancing just and sustainable local economies. After receiving her MBA from the University of Washington, she spent several years working with online marketing companies, including goNextdoor, a company she co-founded. In 2002 she joined sustainability think tank Sightline Institute as managing director, where she was responsible for fundraising, operations, and strategic planning and execution. Inspired by the "living economies" vision, she co-founded Seattle Good Business Network in 2010, where she developed programs supporting and connecting hundreds of local businesses. Christine is a BALLE Local Economies Fellow, served on the City of Seattle's Economic Development Commission, and is a board member with Seattle Good Business Network.

Zenobia Jeffries, Associate Editor

Zenobia JeffriesZenobia Jeffries has been in media going on 15 years. As a reporter, managing editor and editor, she honed her journalism skills for nearly eight years at a community newspaper in her hometown of Detroit, where she is based. She joined the YES! editorial team in the summer of 2016. In addition to writing and editing, she has produced, directed and edited a variety of short documentaries focused from community movements to international democracy. Zenobia is the mother of two young adults—a soon-to-be college graduate (May 2017), and the other halfway through (May 2019). She takes as much pride in her career as a mother as she does in her career as a media professional. Particularly she enjoys traveling, and has traveled to Mexico, the Caribbean, and four countries on the African continent (South Africa, Mozambique, Senegal and Ghana). She considers herself a global citizen, and is always searching for ways to better herself, her family, her community and the world. She earned degrees from Rochester College, Rochester, Mich. (BS Mass Communication), and Wayne State University in Detroit (MA Communication with an emphasis in Media Studies).

Rebecca Lee, Development CoordinatorRebecca Nyamidie

After a brief stint as a copy editor, Rebecca came to YES! July 2009. Rebecca has a B.A. in Linguistics from San Diego State and a graduate degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from the University of Washington. She has taught English in the U.S. and Japan, and has worked in a variety of fields including product control, software testing, desktop publishing, and technical writing. Rebecca moved to Bainbridge Island to be close to the YES! office and enjoys living in such a beautiful, interesting place. A Dedicated Friend of YES! for some time herself, Rebecca loves helping others discover the joys of supporting YES! in these times full of opportunity for real change.

Tracy Matsue Loeffelholz, Editorial and Creative Director

Tracy Dunn HeadshotAfter 20 years as a newspaper editor and art director, Tracy joined YES! in 2006. Since then she has worked as creative director to bring to life the powerful ideas of YES! with photos and graphics. And as editorial director she leads a dedicated team of editors, writers, and designers to produce the extraordinary journalism in the quarterly print magazine and daily website. Tracy lives on Bainbridge Island, where she uses her home as a test kitchen for the magazine's ideas. She commutes by bicycle, tends a permaculture backyard, grows food, and raises chickens and children.

Natalie Lubsen, Audience Relations Manager

Natalie LubsenNatalie came to YES! in the fall of 2013 as the media and outreach intern. She was the education outreach assistant and email coordinator before joining the staff in 2015. Natalie was born and raised in Virginia, where meeting the pigs at the local farm sparked her passion for animal rights and social justice. Growing up just outside the beltway fed her interest in politics and she earned a B.A. in Political Science from Amherst College. In her free time, Natalie enjoys cooking vegan food and singing in harmony.

Kimi Mehlinger, Customer Service

My professional background is in Customer Service, executive administration, and mortgage lending, I started working at 13 with a family business.  Where I helped with manufacturing, sales and accounting as well.  I attended Junior college at Saddleback and Irvine Valley in the 90’s and lived most of my life in Orange County CA.  I’m married, with one son, and because of this child I feel the need to be a part of something greater than myself that is impacting this world in a positive way, especially when there is so much going on that threatens to destroy the America I once knew, the world I once wanted to explore and the quality of life that is quickly becoming more and more difficult for the next generation to enjoy.  This magazine and its authors and editors and staff are working hard to inspire, reach, and teach how to maintain, sustain and heal our world on a daily basis; and to be a part of that, to know that it even exists gives my heart hope

Paula Murphy, Fulfillment ManagerPaula new

Paula joined YES! Magazine in December 2007. Growing up land-locked in the mid-west, Paula always had a strong desire to get to know the wet half of our planet—which she satisfied by studying oceanography and marine biology, and by becoming a certified master scuba diver. Her time on dry land is spent raising her children, Christopher, Emerson and Marina, advocating for cloth diapers, attachment parenting, and the family bed. She is a strong supporter of the Waldorf school on Bainbridge Island and also volunteers as a seamstress for local theater productions. Being a part of the staff at YES! supports Paula’s interests in making the earth a cleaner, more sustainable planet for her children and future generations.

Kevon Paynter, Surdna Reporting Fellow

Kevon PaynterKevon is the 2017 Surdna reporting fellow for YES! He is dual-trained journalist and community organizer who uses reporting, writing, photography, and video to tell stories about local grassroots solutions aimed at the world’s biggest problems. Most recently, he identified revenue streams and did audience development for a startup journalism project that’s won numerous news’ business plan competitions.
A first-generation born New Jersey native, Kevon grew up questioning the social inequalities between the neighboring towns where he lived. He’s joined YES! to challenge the status quo and explore the world as it could be. Kevon attended Georgetown University’s master’s degree program.

Liz Pleasant, Managing Editor

Liz is YES! Magazine's managing editor, as well as the website’s pop culture editor. She is a native Seattleite and a graduate of the University of Washington’s anthropology department. In her off time, Liz likes to explore tiny towns in the Pacific Northwest and scavenge through thrift stores for her online vintage clothing store.

Yvonne Rivera, Customer Service Manager

Yvonne RiveraYvonne  comes to YES! with strong interests in business, technology and education.  Prior to joining PFN, Yvonne was a contract administrator for Boeing and taught math, technology, and Spanish at Silverwood School in Poulsbo. Most recently, she taught GED classes to students at the Kitsap Adult Center for Education and at the Suquamish Education Tribal Center.  Yvonne earned her BS in Business Administration from the University of Southern California and an MS in Higher Education from Walden University. She is a native of New Mexico and identifies Portugal and Northern Spain as her favorite travel destinations.

Erin Sagen, Associate Editor

Erin SagenErin Sagen has been writing and sharing stories for as long as she can remember. A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Erin specialized in multimedia journalism, producing documentary shorts, web content, and graphic design that highlighted stories about women and spirituality. In addition to editing online content for YES!, she writes for two blogs—Health With Heart, focusing on health and women's issues, and Sagen Screen Review, sharing editorial space with her brother Evin to critique films new and old. She continues to search for stories where community, justice, and love transcend human struggle. 

Robin Simons, Development Manager

Robin SimonsRobin Simons joined YES! as Development Manager in October 2014. She is a longtime YES! reader and brings to her position an extensive background in nonprofit management. She has worked with the Smithsonian Institution, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Boston and Denver Children’s Museums, and most recently the Kitsap Humane Society, helping organizations strengthen both their programs and their operating procedures. She is also the author or co-author of nine nonfiction books on a wide variety of topics, from raising a child with a disability (After the Tears, Harcourt Brace, 1987) to making games, science projects and art out of recycled materials (Recyclopedia, Houghton Mifflin, 1976).

Shannan Lenke Stoll, Senior Editor

Shannan StollShannan is the environmental justice and Native leadership editor at YES! Magazine. For a little over a decade, she’s been immersed in the environmental field, all the while working as a writer and editor between or during projects. She’s counted piping plovers in North Carolina, studied sea turtles in Mexico, dug into the minutiae of city tree and stream policies in Portland, Oregon, and coordinated community energy programs in Detroit and Seattle. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and biology from Gonzaga University and a master’s degree in environmental studies from the University of Oregon. In Oregon, she studied environmental justice and water resource management and researched tribal participation in Klamath Basin river management policies. She likes biking and hiking really far, learning the names of plants, and banging loudly on big drums. 

Ayu Sutriasa, Web Production and Social Media Assistant

Ayu Sutriasa started as a social media intern at YES!, where she combined her passion for social justice with social media. She strives to be the intersectional feminist/social justice warrior that conservatives complain about. She is also actively engaged in the #bodypositive movement, and in her free time she writes poetry about self-love, mental health, and sexism in dating. Ayu’s pronouns are she/her/hers.

J. Gabriel Ware, Solutions Reporter

J Gabriel WareJ. Gabriel Ware is the solutions reporter for YES! Magazine. His experiences growing up in Detroit, Michigan, inspired him to become a journalist who tackles social issues. He enjoys writing in-depth features that focus on character and storytelling. He earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism and criminal justice from Western Michigan University. He has freelanced for news and media organizations in Detroit and Kalamazoo, including a few days as a stringer for Bloomberg News. This past summer, he participated in the Chips Quinn Scholars Program.  J. Gabriel is recently married and enjoys cooking dinner and going to stage plays with his wife. In his spare time, he attempts to write novels and screenplays. His biggest challenge in life is trying to stay vegan in this cold, unveganized world.

Audrey WatsonAudrey Watson, Finance & Operations Director

Audrey joined the staff in Fall of 98 as manager of Marketing and Outreach, moved to Online Managing Editor in fall of 2002, and to Finance & Operations Director in 2009, where she combines her interests in communication, sustainability, social justice, and technology. Previously she worked as a product marketing manager for Microsoft and as a marketing manager, developer manager, and systems analyst for various computer-related companies. Outside of work, Audrey loves to do fiber and metal arts and crafts, volunteers for various organizations, enjoys traveling, and lives in cohousing. Audrey holds a BA in Applied Math from the University of Michigan, an MS in Computer Engineering from Stanford University, and an MA in management and consulting from the Leadership Institute of Seattle.

Bailey Williams, Audience Relations Coordinator

Bailey is a graduate of the digital journalism program at Central Washington University, where she worked as an entertainment reporter, news anchor, and editor-in-chief. She is passionate about intersectional feminism, body positivity and ending violence against people of color.

Michael Winter, IT Manager

Founder of The Winter Group, Michael Winter has been an IT professional for over 20 years working as a technologist and project manager for a variety of Government agencies and private companies.  Michael also holds a private pilots license and enjoys flying helicopters and a variety of fixed wing aircraft. Achieving independence from fossil fuel energy, climate change and general environmental sustainability are important issues for Michael and are driving forces behind his working with YES! to use technology to help bring the YES! message to everyone.

Chris Winters, Senior Editor

Chris Winters

Chris is the economics and politics editor for YES! Magazine. He has spent two decades in journalism writing news and commentary on government, politics, business, technology, science, the environment and Native American issues. Originally from Maryland, he studied film and broadcasting at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and creative writing at Emerson College, served in the Peace Corps in Hungary, and spent some time working in the bowels of a giant high-tech company near Seattle. He enjoys playing guitar, writing fiction, and fencing, and has traveled across the U.S. and Mexico and throughout central Europe. He lives in Shoreline, Washington, with his wife, a neurotic cat, and a growing collection of vaguely Hawaiian shirts.