YES! Magazine’s Third Annual Celebration: The Future of Food

It’s not too late to watch YES! Magazine’s Third Annual Celebration: The Future of Food from September 12, 2013 at Seattle's Town Hall, with Vandana Shiva, Fran Korten, and Tanya Dawkins.
Fran Korten

In this special video created for our Town Hall event, hear YES! executive editor Sarah van Gelder, author Raj Patel (author of Stuffed and Starved), and many others discuss how food is the connective tissue for all life on the planet, and how we’re seeing the "coming together of the good food movement and the good jobs movement."

Almost 900 people heard Vandana Shiva speak at Seattle’s Town Hall the night of September 12, 2013. You can listen to her talk here.  (Video courtesy of Alex van Gelder.)


YES! publisher Fran Korten, author and activist Vandana Shiva, and country-folk group Mercy Crow joined us in Seattle for this special Town Hall event. Thanks to our volunteer photographers, we have a lovely photo essay of the event.


Frances Moore LappeMakana


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