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We love that you are reading our magazine and browsing our website. And we hope that our stories will inspire you to then go out into the world and make it better. Here are some resources that can help you do that.

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See a list of upcoming events.


Include YES! Topics in a Discussion Group

Discuss a YES! issue or a particular article

with a friend, co-worker, or someone in your family. It can help start some lively exchanges of meaningful ideas.

Use YES! as a resource.

Introduce YES! theme topics to discussion groups in your area. You can download discussion guides for each issue. These guides offer brief article summaries and thought-provoking questions to help engage everyone gathered for the discussions. Find a list of our discussion guides by issue here.

No discussion group in your area?

Start one. You can do it as an informal social gathering in your neighborhood, a conversation café, a lunchtime happening at work, or a variety of other venues.

However you take part in discussions, have fun. It is an integral part of building community.

Resource Guides

The YES! Resource Guides compile websites, books, and films for digging deeper into the issues we have covered. Find them all here.


Use YES! to Network for Change

Speak up on issues you are passionate about. When you voice a sincere opinion, it encourages others to do the same. Many of the articles in YES! are about individuals who have done just this. Even mushrooming negativity can be countered and turned around starting with just one person, sometimes producing even greater positive energy. Think that speaking up may not work, that there may be negative repercussions? Speak up anyway!

Seek out positive action activities in your area and get involved. There are many benefits to volunteering. It increases the potential success of an activity; builds friendships and community; and provides an outlet for special skills, or a way to learn new skills.

Actively take part in letter writing campaigns. Write support letters for people who have written, or start a campaign yourself. Write thoughtful letters to editors of magazines and newspapers, to elected officials (local, state, and national) and to small or large corporations. When you see laudable actions, write. When you see actions that you think undermine our hopes for a more just, sustainable, and compassionate society, write.

Find contact information on particular subjects or individuals in our resource guides and at the end of many YES! articles.

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