Reading list for a better world.

Book Review: On Good Land by Michael Ableman
by Michael Ableman
ON GOOD LAND: The Autobiography of an Urban Farm by Michael Ableman
Book Review: How Wal-Mart is Destroying America: and What You Can do About It by Bill Quinn
by Doug Pibel
Book Review: How Wal-Mart is Destroying America: and What You Can Do About It, by Bill Quinn
Book Review - Do They Hear You When You Cry? by Fauziya Kassindja with Layli Miller Bashir
by Tracy Rysavy
At age 17, Fauziya Kassindja had a good life--loving parents who flouted village tradition by educating their daughters; two brothers and four older sisters who doted on her; a close-knit community of friends; and, by Togo standards, an upper class existence.
Book Review: The Ownership Solution by Jeff Gates
by Gar Alperovitz
Something very important has been quietly building up in the American economy over the last few decades--something which could have portentous implications for the new century: Workers in very, very serious numbers are beginning to own the firms in which they work.
Book Reviews: The Argument Culture, Heaven's Face Thinly Veiled, The Plain Reader, The Community of the Future, by Frances Hesselbein
by Deborah Tannen
Deborah Tannen, Heaven's Face Thinly Veiled, edited by Sarah Anderson, The Plain Reader, The Community of the Future, by Frances Hesselbein
Book Review: The Voice of Hope by Aung San Suu Kyi with Alan Clements
by Jeff Shaw
Book Review: Toward Sustainable Communities: by Mark Roseland
by Guy Dauncey
Resources for Cities and Their Governments, by Mark Roseland reviewed by Guy Dauncey - YES! Magazine
Book Reviews: Getting a Life: Real Lives Transformed by Your Money or Your Life, by Jacqueline Blix
by Natalie Pibel
Book Review: Earth Community, Earth Ethics by Larry Rasmussen
by L. A. Parks Daloz
Book Review: Pythagoras' Trousers by Margaret Wertheim
by Tracy Rysavy
Book Review: Carrying Water as a Way of Life by Linda Tatelbaum
by Doug Pibel
In 1977, late by her own admission for the hippie back-to-the-land movement, Linda Tatelbaum moved to 72 scrub-wood acres in Maine. a collection of essays that says little about how she stayed and much about why.
Book Review: The Cobbers' Companion by Michael Smith
by Robyn Budd
Book Review - The Cobber’s Companion: How to Build Your Own Earthen Home by Michael Smith illustrated by Deanne Bednar from The Cob Cottage Company
Book Review - Losing Your Job, Reclaiming Your Soul by Mary Lynn Pulley
by Heidi Werber
Book Review: On the Causes of War by Michael Andregg
by Richard Heinberg
Book Review: Living Downstream: An Ecologist Looks at Cancer and the Environment by Sandra Steingraber
by Peter Montague
A qualified scientist examines all the lines of evidence linking cancer to chemical contamination of the environment and offers solutions.