Reading list for a better world.
Diet for a Hot Planet

The climate crisis at the end of your fork and what you can do about it

Climate Hope

On the front lines in the fight against coal

The Return of Jim Crow

How today's criminal justice system takes up where slavery and segregation left off

A Call for a Democratic Economy

Raj Patel offers a stunning defense of democracy and a how-to guide for social justice activists of the next century.

Getting a Grip 2

Frances Moore Lappé speaks about her new book to a group of YES! Magazine staff and friends at the home of David and Fran Korten, April 2010.

Welcome to Eaarth

Bill McKibben’s latest book explores what it’ll take to live on a planet less sweet than it used to be. During a recent stop in Seattle, he described the smaller, slower, and wiser future that may be our best bet.