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CFL Hair
"I now have the same glowing personality with only 1/10th the effort!" Caption submitted by Richard Howell.
Bee Cartoon
"This new Queen has some pretty wild ideas about the hive's role in activism." Caption submitted by Milo Coccimiglio.
Truck Cartoon
"Even if you could've reached the clutch, where were you going to drive it?" Caption submitted by Jim Fox.
Space Cartoon
"If air is leaking out through my pony tail hole, is that bad?" Caption submitted by Heidi Wright.
Jars Cartoon
"Inside the Smithsonian's Archives of Poor Choices, 1980's-2009" Caption submitted by Alane Cameron Miles
Slow Housing Cartoon
"Solving the housing crisis is moving pretty slow, huh, Earl." Caption submitted by Alan Stuart.
Birdfood Cartoon
"Let's 'flip' for it. Heads or tails?" Caption submitted by Erik Petterson.
Bait Cartoon
"No! Wait for the euro, boys!" Caption submitted by Alane Cameron Miles.
Captain YES! Cartoon
"Well, yes, I am a man of steel, but I'm more like a paper-clip." Caption submitted by Susan Lippman
Ears Cartoon
"I read that talking helps you grow--so yelling should work better." Caption submitted by Deborah Merchant.
Rescue the Planet
by Stephanie McMillan
Stop this happiness! Before it’s too late.
Knitting Cartoon
"In all sincerity, if we are trying to knit Wallstreet together, there's no need for a head!"Caption submitted by Audrey Fusco.
Clothesline Cartoon
"When they said "wash and wear" I think they meant at the same time!" Caption submitted by Christine Wagner.
Tank Cartoon
"Intimidation only breeds resent and resistance. I'm still marking it a bogey." Caption submitted by Reginald I. Durant.
Elephant Cartoon
"It's hard to hide two tons of ego anywhere." Caption submitted by Chuck Manske.