Watch trailers to our pick of maddening and motivating independent films.
The Koch Brothers Exposed

Film Review: How far do the tentacles of the Kochtopus reach? Follow the money with this collection of 13 short films.

Film Review: The Last Mountain

Follow a group of residents-turned-activists in their efforts to save Coal River Mountain, the last one left in an area devastated by mining.

Film Review: Carbon Nation

Take a trip across the United States to find out who is developing low-carbon solutions.

Film Review: To Be Heard

Three Bronx teenagers take on poverty, crime, and family stress with the help of good teachers.

Film Review: The Economics of Happiness

Why are we so lonely when we have so much? Beyond the unhappiness of a disconnected world are new—and very old—ways we can turn it around.

Film Trailer: Living Downstream

A documentary that follows ecologist and cancer survivor Sandra Steingraber as she explores the seemingly unnatural causes of cancer.

Film Trailer: Age of Stupid

For one man looking back from the year 2055, it seems clear that we should have dealt with climate change as soon as we noticed it.