Watch trailers to our pick of maddening and motivating independent films.
The People Speak

"The People Speak" provides the opportunity to see and hear history in a whole new way. Inspired by award-winning author Howard Zinn, the movie illustrates the nation's history through powerful speeches, dialogue, and acting.

Black Wave

Video: A twenty-year fight between a small Alaska town and one of the largest oil companies shows the resilience of communities.

A Village Called Versailles

Discovering the power of community, a small Vietnamese village recovering from one disaster fights back to prevent a new one.

Crude :: Film Trailer

What is the real price of oil? A 2009 documentary investigates the $27 billion class action environmental lawsuit against Chevron for pollution.

FRESH :: Film Trailer

Given the environmental and health consequences of industrial agriculture, can we re-invent our food system?