Photo Essays

New visions of the world we thought we knew.
Words That Inspire: We are the 1%

Some members of the 1% have shared messages of solidarity with the 99%. What goes into a sign that makes a lasting impression? Explore an activity to help your students understand—and create their own—powerful signs.

Creativity Blossoms in the Great Migration

On the industrial outskirts of Beijing, the transient children of the world’s largest migration taught artist Lily Yeh about finding healing and rootedness in creative power.

Farming With the Wild

Photo Essay: How agriculture and wildlands can both flourish—together.

Occupy Oakland, in Pictures

From rebuilding after a police raid to closing down the nation's fifth largest port, things have been busy at Occupy Oakland.

Words That Inspire: Martin Luther King, Jr.

What is fair to one person may not be fair to another. How can students become aware of injustice—at school, in your community, and in this world— and dig deeper to discover how they can transform injustice to justice?

Fibershed Moments

We often think about local food—but what about local fabric? Photos from one woman’s quest to know her “fibershed.”

Photo Essay: Crude Reflections from the Amazon

After enduring years of toxic dumping and rising cancer rates, indigenous Ecuadorians took oil giant Chevron to court to fight for the life of the rainforest—and its people.

No Impact Week Photo Awards

Food, energy, giving back, and more: The winning entries from January’s No Impact Week participants.