Photo Essays

New visions of the world we thought we knew.
One of Many Detroits

"The people of this city are not abstractions." An anonymous Detroit photographer shares a view of the city that the mainstream media doesn't cover.

Big Problem, Big Art

Photo essay: As climate negotiators meet in Cancun, activists the world over are reminding them of what’s at stake with some very big art.

Reaching for Resilience

10 ways that one rural ecovillage is building strong foundations for coming times.

A Big Surprise for Chevron

Hours before the oil giant released its new ad campaign, the Yes Men released their own version.

Happy Park(ing) Day

What does it take to turn parking spaces into lively public parks? Not much, it turns out.

Roots of the Local Food Movement

Photo essay: The locavore movement may seem like a fad to some, but these wartime posters show that equating local food and security has deep roots in U.S. history.