Poets speak out.

Prayers and Poems
A selection of prayers and poems on Iraq
by Charles John Pace
yes, by Charles John Pace. Poetry
The Total Thrust Is Global Justice
by Drew Dellinger
the total thrust is global justice, by Drew Dellinger. Rap against globalization and injustice.
On the Day the Children Marched
by Reginald Sinclair Lewis
Children protest the scheduled execution of Reggie Lewis and march against capital punishment. Poetry.
Divine Daughters
by Rachel Bagby
YES! A Journal of Positive Futures, Spring 2000: new stories, divine daughters, a poem by Rachel Bagby
Poetry by Martín Espada
by Martin Espada
Poetry by Martín Espada - Jorge the Janitor Finally Quits, from the collection "Rebellion is the Circle of a Lover's Hands."