Telling inspiring stories of social change.
Transforming Space Into Place

Is the shortest distance between two points all that life is about? The City Repair Project doesn’t think so. They’re helping people imagine and create lively public spaces–starting with your local intersection.

The Village Building Convergence

Portland, Ore. is the home of the Village Building Convergence, an annual event that draws on the power and creativity of neighbors to build the places they'd like to live.

Big Apple Kids from 194 Countries

Danny Goldfield’s NYChildren project captures images of kids from every country, residing in New York City. The spirit of the project has become more than just pictures.

David Korten on His Work and Mission

YES! Magazine board chair David Korten speaks about his life’s work, and what drew him to become involved with YES! Magazine.

Bill McKibben's Message to Cochabamba

The author addresses the thousands who gathered in Cochabamba for the World People's Summit on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth.

A Climate Summit for the Rest of Us

Video: The Cochabamba climate summit was designed to respect the power and knowledge of world social movements and indigenous peoples.

The Climate's Second Chance

In Bolivia, indigenous people and grassroots groups are creating a second chance to stand up to climate change.

This is Our Home

Robert Redford discusses the history and importance of Earth Day.

A Thousand Suns

Our new problems might require paying attention to old wisdom. A new documentary looks to indigenous leadership for answers—and throws our way of life into sharp relief.

A World Without Nuclear Weapons

With support from across the political spectrum—and historic leadership from President Obama—we are at a tipping point in the struggle for nuclear abolition. Getting to Work in 2010

With a weak climate "agreement" coming out of Copenhagen, the campaign urges citizens to get to work in 2010—whether politicians are on board or not. Here's the latest message from the campaign.