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“Africa for Norway” Global Aid Spoof Goes Viral

“There’s heat enough for Norway, if Africans would share,” quips this parody of overblown charity fundraisers that’s blowing up the Web. The purpose? To swap stereotypes for real needs.

Gar Alperovitz on Cooperative Economy: “I’ll Bet My Life on It”

Gar Alperovitz was in Seattle for the annual meeting of the National Cooperative Business Association and spoke at Town Hall Seattle immediately following a live screening of the first presidential debate. YES! Magazine’s executive editor Sarah van Gelder introduced him.

One Day On Earth

What does a given moment look like on the other side of the globe? A new documentary captures a single day in every country on Earth.

Israelis and Iranians Feel the Love

As their leaders talk violence, some residents of Israel and Iran are reaching out to each other directly with a promise of peace.

A DIY Civilization

Can we create the machines of modern life sustainably, cheaply, and close to home?