Telling inspiring stories of social change.
How to Be Alone

What can we learn about ourselves when we let go of our fear of loneliness?

Fallen Fruit

Sharing knowledge with the community, Fallen Fruit provides maps for locals to make use of public fruit trees.

Restoring Biodiversity in Cuba

Learning from one another, scientists and farmers are working together to fix the agricultural system in Cuba.

L.A. Eco-Village

Urban ecovillages work to strengthen communities and bring neighbors, art, and environmental action together.

Biomimicry in Action

If nature can orchestrate something as beautiful as spring every year, perhaps it is time to look to the natural world to answer some of our own design questions.

Score and Swap, For Free!

One person's trash really is another person's treasure. At the inaugural swap organized by Score!, over 1,300 people attended to "score" new items and donate to a selected charity.

The People Speak

"The People Speak" provides the opportunity to see and hear history in a whole new way. Inspired by award-winning author Howard Zinn, the movie illustrates the nation's history through powerful speeches, dialogue, and acting.

What Teachers Make

Waddaya mean make? Former teacher and poetry slam artist Taylor Mali makes kids work hard, makes parents tremble with calls home, and makes a difference. What about you?

Stitching Up the Gulf

Video: 12-year-old Sofia Aderer lost her home to Katrina. Now she's doing her best to make sure birds don't lose their lives to the BP oil spill.