CFL Hair

Here are the best of the February 2010 YES! cartoon caption submissions.
CFL Hair Cartoon



  • "I now have the same glowing personality with only 1/10th the effort!"

    Richard Howell

  • "I needed something that ran on less brain power—I have to make the most of what little I've got!"

    Wind Diamond

  • "Can you believe this permanent lasts for 5 years?"

    Dick Dalton

  • "My hairdresser doesn't use anything toxic on my hair, what about yours?"

    Debra Derella Cheren

  • CFLs = Coiffed For Laughs          

    Justin Mog

  • "I used to have those plain light bulb ideas, but now I find my ideas are not only more brilliant, but more efficient too. Don't you agree?"

    Jeanne Spears




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