Interfaith Amigos

Rabbi Ted Falcon, Sheikh Jamal Rahman, and Pastor Don Mackenzie share their thoughts and ideas on current events.
Violence Disguised as Religion

Pastor Don Mackenzie on how to keep religion from being used to justify hatred and suffering.

Hope Amid Hatred

Our polarization and anger are signs of hopelessness. What can interfaith dialogue teach us about healing our wounds and coming together?

The Light of Christmas

May it be that someday, all people will have access to light in this darkness and be able to help with the important healing of creation.

The Capacity for Tolerance

What can Christians do about the religious intolerance made visible during the last month?

A Giant Leap for Humankind

The inner work we need requires every bit of the cooperation, imagination, discipline, and hope present in that first step onto the moon.

The Wisdom of the Mulla

The well-loved trickster from Islamic folklore reminds us to trust, laugh, and be honest with ourselves.

Independence Day

America may be free from a monarch, but can we be truly independent in a consumerist society?