Interfaith Amigos

Rabbi Ted Falcon, Sheikh Jamal Rahman, and Pastor Don Mackenzie share their thoughts and ideas on current events.
Beyond Us and Them

Very often, what we dislike in others is something that we need to acknowledge, heal, integrate, and empower in ourselves.

Social Action: The Church’s Ministry in the World

Somewhere in our history, the link between inner spirituality and its expression in the world as loving social action grew faint. To renew that connection, we can draw deeply on traditions that call attention to our Oneness.

Freeing the Spirit of Change

Ethical behavior and loving generosity are at the core of faith—so why is the world hurting? Rabbi Ted Falcon on why paying attention to our interconnection is the first step toward healing.

Moving Beyond Ego

Why do we prefer to talk about religion, fight over it, even kill for it—everything but live it?

Holy Week: A Journey Toward Community

The journey through Holy Week is a journey “out of Egypt,” because it frees us from the practices and stereotypes that keep us from moving toward a more positive future. But we are never completely free until we work together for loving community and just practices.

Ending the Trance, Answering the Call

Our task is to become conscious of the ways in which we believe ourselves limited by the current conditions of our lives. We are called to remember, and to open to greater purpose.

Head, Heart, and Hands: Breaking the Cycle of Religious Fear

The need to engage in interfaith dialogue has never been greater. By learning the foundations of each other's faiths, we can learn to respect and connect with one another so we may work together to build a better world.

Called Back to the Essentials

The Abrahamic faiths began when prophets called people back to the essentials: compassionate, caring community and the universal principles of love and service.