Madeline Ostrander

Madeline blogs about agitators, artists, and average folks working for a stable climate and an equitable world.
The Undead Pipeline Returns

The Keystone XL pipeline is back, sort of. But will its promoters’ tactics cause a property rights backlash?

Eco-Politics Back on the Ranch

In Nebraska, the fight against the Keystone XL pipeline is no longer about left versus right.

Pipeline Risk: Who's Judging?

In its risk assessment, is the State Department just taking the developer of the Keystone XL pipeline at its word?

Asking for What Obama Promised

Protesters push Obama to resist the influence of the oil industry and stop the Keystone XL pipeline.

Cancún: Changing the Climate Conversation

Seven years ago, activists in Cancún started a powerful international movement. How can today’s climate justice advocates have the same impact?

Polls: Time for Action

In the wake of the BP disaster in the Gulf, Americans are ready for clean energy.