Richard Conlin

The Carbon-Neutral City

“Seattle becomes one of the first city governments in the world to declare that the goal of being carbon neutral is desirable, realistic, and attainable.”

Smart Transit By Choice

Richard Conlin: Green urban travel shouldn’t be about guilt trips or prohibition, but about making the good choices easy.

A Different City

How can cities adapt to climate change? For Seattle, it means planning ahead for an uncertain future.

Waste Not: Seattle’s Road to Zero Trash

There’s simply no room for waste in a carbon neutral city. Seattle has a plan to cut its contribution to landfills—and it’s working.

But What About Embedded Carbon?

Seattle is committed to becoming a carbon neutral city, but is discovering the difficulty in finding an end to the carbon trail.

On the Path to Climate Neutrality

Seattle hopes to become North America’s first climate neutral city. City council president Richard Conlin asks: What exactly are we getting ourselves into?