A Green, Adolescent Sacrifice

From the climate action blog: Is a driver's license imperatively necessary as a student?

Posted by Grace Porter at Nov 13, 2009 09:45 AM |

I'm turning 17 this year, but instead of learning how to drive, I'm getting rides from my mom--or, if she's not readily available, I bike or take advantage of public transportation.

It's a large sacrifice: all of my friends learned how to drive about two years ago, and are now happily driving each other around. When we were younger, driving was something associated with adults. Now, it is every teenager's first, most notable burst of independence and freedom. I see my friends on the roads everywhere.


In Bainbridge Island, Washington the student high school  parking lot is full every day.

But abstaining from joining in is an individual choice, and it is important to stick with my decision. In doing so, throughout my high school career (and college as well) I won't personally be contributing any of the CO2 emissions that come from transportation. I've also gotten to know my mother a lot better.

There are other ways to find independence as a teen.



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