Vicki Robin: My 10-Mile Diet

When Tricia Beckner asked me to only eat for a month what she can produce on her CSA farm-ette, just to see what would happen, I was game. We’ve widened the circle a little to include food produced within 10 miles of my home on Whidbey Island, with exceptions made for 4 essentials: oil, salt (+5 other spices), caffeine, and lemons.

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How can you not love the one who feeds you?

Meet My Food System

A single meal shows the parts of my local food system—and how much I depend on them.

My Kingdom for a Cracker!

After 10 days of eating within 10 miles, I was ready to do just about anything for food made from grains.

Cravings and Compassion on a 10-Mile Diet

Eating within a 10-mile radius of my house makes me really miss certain foods, but there's a lot about normal eating habits that I don't miss.

Handmade Butter and Cheese

Without my own cow or goat, the secret to getting dairy products is all about neighborliness.

Morning Tea on a 10-Mile Diet

Another lesson of 10-mile eating: To get your needs met you have to say what they are, and give your neighbors a chance to help you.