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Why Sticky Cabinets Have a Place on My Dream Farm

When we visualize the lives we desire, we often leave out the difficulties and frustrations. But they’re inevitable, and in the end they make the rewards of life more satisfying.

A Tax System for the 99 Percent

Feeling like taxes are more unfair than ever? Three ways corporations, banks, and individuals exploit an unjust system—and three ways the people are pushing back.

What If Your Kids Want to Get Political?

Using young children as political props is problematic, to say the least. But when they do form their own opinion, it’s important to let them express it.

What Our Kids Can Teach Us About Trying Over

Children’s future happiness is not tied to how well they behave or whether they will be able to hold a job. It is tied to their ability to create with their minds and their hands.

Radical Investing: 4 Ways to Live on a Tight Budget

"We have a lovely home, we eat well, we have lots of fun, we’re warm, and we don’t worry about how we’ll keep the lights on." Shannon Hayes on how she has managed to live a fulfilled and happy life without going broke.