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David Korten on His Work and Mission

YES! Magazine board chair David Korten speaks about his life’s work, and what drew him to become involved with YES! Magazine.

Beyond Us and Them

Very often, what we dislike in others is something that we need to acknowledge, heal, integrate, and empower in ourselves.

Cochabamba’s Message: Let the People Speak

The World People’s Conference on Climate Change held last week in Bolivia was an experiment in replacing the less-than-democratic UN process with one that invites public participation. Janet Redman, one of the drafters of the People’s Accord, explains the difference between Copenhagen and Cochabamba.

Bill McKibben's Message to Cochabamba

The author addresses the thousands who gathered in Cochabamba for the World People's Summit on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth.

Welcome to Eaarth

Bill McKibben’s latest book explores what it’ll take to live on a planet less sweet than it used to be. During a recent stop in Seattle, he described the smaller, slower, and wiser future that may be our best bet.

A Climate Summit for the Rest of Us

Video: The Cochabamba climate summit was designed to respect the power and knowledge of world social movements and indigenous peoples.

Cochabamba's New Direction

Leaving Cochabamba, there is a real sense in the air that our real work lies in front of us.

The Climate's Second Chance

In Bolivia, indigenous people and grassroots groups are creating a second chance to stand up to climate change.

On the Path to Climate Neutrality

Seattle hopes to become North America’s first climate neutral city. City council president Richard Conlin asks: What exactly are we getting ourselves into?