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The Missing Vision

Deep change begins with a vision of possibility.

Out of Chaos

15 years ago, YES! co-founder Sarah van Gelder wrote this piece for the launch issue of YES! How well does it stand up in a world that is, if anything, more chaotic?

The Age of Vulnerability

How the 2008 financial crash redefined what it means to be economically vulnerable.

The Light of Christmas

May it be that someday, all people will have access to light in this darkness and be able to help with the important healing of creation.

Learning to Live on Less

Connie Allen started a support group for friends adjusting to smaller incomes.

10 Most Hopeful Stories of 2010

There was plenty of disappointment and hardship this year. But the year also brought opportunities for transformation.

Yes, There is An Alternative

More and more people, communities, and nations are taking steps to reduce their vulnerability to a volatile global economy.