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The Birthday Balloon

Do children need a pile of wrapped toys in order to know that their family and friends are delighted and honored that they share this lifetime with us? Somewhere in our consumer culture, we have confused material items with expressions of love.

Ending the Trance, Answering the Call

Our task is to become conscious of the ways in which we believe ourselves limited by the current conditions of our lives. We are called to remember, and to open to greater purpose.

Living in Borrowed Times

Communities are facing their personal debt—while learning why we can no longer fund economic growth by borrowing from future prosperity.

Can Money Buy Education?

Radical homemaker Shannon Hayes taught her daughter that their family doesn't buy things they can make or grow at home. She then had to wonder: Does that include higher education?

Whose Needs? Whose Assessment?

As reconstruction planning begins, Haitian grassroots groups have their own thoughts about assessing post-disaster needs.

Homegrown Aid in Haiti

Many displaced Haitians are turning to neighbors, family, and peasant organizations in the countryside for help.

Head, Heart, and Hands: Breaking the Cycle of Religious Fear

The need to engage in interfaith dialogue has never been greater. By learning the foundations of each other's faiths, we can learn to respect and connect with one another so we may work together to build a better world.

Gender and Justice in Haiti

Remembering Magalie Marcelin, a leader of Haiti's movement for women's rights, who was killed during the earthquake.

Help Without Humiliation

Could international organizations offer Haitians a way to stay fed while maintaining dignity and security? Grassroots models show that the answer is yes.

From Disaster Aid to Solidarity

How can concerned foreigners help Haiti recover while respecting the needs and desires of those who live there?

Fighting Like Hell

Haiti has a long history of exploitation, but an equally long history of powerful resistance.