Commentaries by strategic thinkers of our time
Greenpeace’s Kumi Naidoo: Time to Stand Against Big Oil in the Arctic

Oil companies—and many of our political leaders—see melting sea ice as an opportunity to drill deeper. Fortunately, you don’t have to occupy an Arctic drilling platform to join the growing movement of people who are putting themselves on the line for our planet’s future.

Creating Change is the People’s Job

We—not just the president—have to be the agents of change in our society. How do we extend our electoral organizing beyond the elections?

Now, Let’s Occupy the Ballot

During election season, all eyes turn to politics. How do we ensure that the interests of the 99 percent are represented in the halls of power?

Change Now, Vote Later

Political answers will come when we build a network of solidarity and action that pushes on all fronts for a true democracy.

Prevent a Tar Sands Disaster

Why developing the tarsands has been called "world's most destructive project."

Young Voters: Don’t Write Them Off

Why anyone who believes that under-30 Americans aren’t tuned in to the future and ready to act is fooling themselves.

A Personal Invitation to the US Social Forum

The national coordinator of the US Social Forum, Adrienne Maree Brown offers her brief, heartfelt list of reasons to come to Detroit to participate in the 2010 USSF.